Rivers Edge Homeowners Association

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Rivers Edge Homeowners Association

Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Guidelines, Covenants, & Codes

Our flag

When you have a question or comment about the flag or flagpole at the Rivers Edge entrance, please contact a member of the REHA Flag Committee.


Keep your pet safe by keeping it at home! In Rivers Edge, no pet should be allowed to roam loose unless in your own yard. Not everyone wants your pet in their flower beds. No one wants a call to Animal Control.


Please remove trash cans from the front yard ASAP after garbage pick-up on Friday! Metro says that it should never be curbside after 7 pm.


Metro codes prohibit anyone from parking on the sidewalk or in a residential yard. All vehicles must also be operational and currently licensed. If not, store such vehicles inside your garages or outside the neighborhood.

Attend Monthly Meetings

The Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Metro Nashville Police Department, Hermitage Precinct, 3701 James Kay Lane, Hermitage.  All neighbors are encouraged to attend the meetings.


Turn in a neighbor

Has a neighbor done something special for you lately? Have you noticed something really nice about a neighbor's home? Their yard? Then, turn them in!

Send a message sharing the good news here.

Making changes

Do you plan to make changes—exterior painting, porches, sunrooms, decks—any change that affects the appearance of your home? Always remember to submit an Architectural Review Form (ARC) for approval. It's easy! Just download and complete the form and submit it for approval before making final plans.

Do you have news?

When you have news of interest to the neighborhood, please let us know!

E-mail changed?

REHA cannot keep you up-to-date on important neighborhood news without your current email address. Update your address here.